The best part of my day is when my husband comes home. When I’m home all day with our 3 boys we are all excited for Daddy to walk through the door at approximately 5:30. When the boys hear the garage door open the come running to the mud room shouting, “Daddy’s home” in anticipation for great big Daddy hugs.

Have you ever been so excited to see someone? It is such a wonderful feeling to be reunited with a loved one!

In Revelations 2:4, Jesus accuses the Ephesian church of forsaking their first love.

Remember your first love. Remember how much you loved Jesus at the beginning and go back to that. Love him like you used to.”

What if we ran to Jesus the way that we run to a loved one for whom we’ve been waiting? What if we had that kind of excitement in our desire to spend time with Jesus? He is waiting with open arms ready to have you run into them for a big Daddy hug!