I didn’t become a Mom until I was 37.  One of the biggest adjustments of becoming a Mom is realizing that your time is no longer your own. You can no longer sleep whenever you want, or quickly run errands whenever you like. Parents always have to think about their children.

I try to plan ahead and run all of my errands when my husband is home, or when I have childcare available. Even before covid-19, bringing the baby along and putting him in and out of the car seat for every stop was an exhausting feat!

The other day I needed to drop off a king sized comforter to be laundered at the Laundromat. I simply had to run in, drop it off and run back out to the car. The entire errand would take less than 2 minutes without the baby. However, I had the baby with me. This means I had to unhook him, take him out of the car seat, hold on to him because he doesn’t walk yet, grab the king size comforter with my other hand and walk to the door. Then I had to put down the comforter, open the door, stick my foot in the door to hold it open, pick back up the comforter and squeeze through the door, all with a baby on my hip. It was quite a sight.

I secretly wanted to just leave the baby in the car with the doors locked and run inside the Laundromat—confessions of a bad Mom? I would only be gone a minute! I’m sure he’d be fine, right? Well, I’m pretty sure it is illegal to do that.

Matthew 28:20
“And be sure if this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Aren’t you glad that the Lord does leave us even for a moment? God never has a quick errand to run. God doesn’t want to leave us to fend for ourselves while he takes care of something more important. God promises to never leave us or forsake us. God doesn’t take breaks and he never has a “confessions of a bad God” moment!