I saw this post on Instagram (from @anthonygurrola) and it resonated with my heart and I wanted to share it with all of you! Feel free to print off the card at the bottom of the page and hang it somewhere that you see regularly!

May I learn that all I have was all you ever wanted.

Not my performance so that you would notice me.

Not my striving so I can have worth.

Not my exhaustion so my life can be more than rest.

Not the answers I think you want to hear.

Just me.

Just me is enough for you.

Whether it be little, or much may I always put what’s in my hand in yours, and trust that it will go further.

May I put my finances in your hand,

Knowing sparrows pay for nothing and you love us more.

May I put my marriage in your hand,

Knowing that I can’t fully see you without looking at her.

May I put my children in your hand,

Knowing they’ll show the entire world what Jesus looks like.

Even though they have my own face.

May I put my ministry in your hand,

Knowing it was never really mine.

Lord may I not see being in your hand as a set back, but as a setup for the miraculous.

May my life be as 2 fish and 5 loaves.

And may I realize not enough is more than enough in the hands of you.