The baby is in the phase where he thinks it is hilarious to empty out kitchen cupboards of their contents. I love his curiosity and sense of adventure! All of the cupboards actually have childproof locks on them except one of them that holds all of the plastic kid’s dishes. He thinks that cupboard is his own personal playground.

He’ll pull the plastic bowls and cups out of that cupboard and bang them around on the floor. He’ll roll them around under the chairs. For most of the day, I just leave them out. I guess I figure, well, it isn’t hurting anything and this is cheap entertainment for him, so why not?

Usually in the evening, we’ll reach the point where it is time to clean up the mess. While he is still banging the dishes and making noise I’ll ask, “Are ya done, buddy?” He usually just smiles. Then I bend down and clean up the mess he has made knowing full well he will do it all again tomorrow.

I make a lot of messes in my life. Maybe not with plastic dishes, but in so many other ways my sin causes messes. I imagine God looking down at me in the middle of my mess and asking me, “Are ya done, Elsie?” I pictured God sitting back allowing me to make a mess (have my own way/do things on my own) and then stepping in offering to rescue me. What an amazing picture!

“The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom. To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen”
2 Timothy 4:18

The bible has countless scriptures about God being our rescuer. I was reminded today how patient God is even when we make big messes that we need him to clean up! What area of your life could you imagine God saying to you, “Are ya done, child?” Will you surrender that area to him and allow him to clean it up for you?