Are you a dog person? I have to admit, I am not. I know, I know. That probably is not a popular opinion to share, but it is honest.

I became a dog Mom when I married my husband. We are the owners of a big, fluffy, rambunctious, golden doodle named Wrigley. He is cute as can be, but often very, very, naughty!

One of my least favorite aspects of being a dog Mom is cleaning up after Wrigley. While it has been snowy, he tracks snow all through the house after going outside to do his business. Since our baby crawls on the floor, he will pick up chunks of snow that fall off Wrigley and put them in his mouth. Ya, totally gross, I know!

Wrigley’s mess impacts everyone in our house. Our own sin and spiritual unhealth is much like Wrigley’s mess – it impacts others!

Numbers 32:23 says,
“Your sin will find you out.”

No person is an island, and sin is never a strictly personal act. Sin always has an impact on the lives of others. When a parent sins, it affects a spouse, children, extended family, and each of the relationships connected to these people.

Private sin also produces guilt. Guilt changes a person’s private and public actions. Someone feeling guilt is more prone to stress, irritability, and suspicion. Even if a person’s sin remains undiscovered for a time, its impact on other areas of life will always have a negative bearing on others. The way to deal with private sin is not to hide or deny it, but to end it.

Proverbs 28:13,
“Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”

Ask God for forgiveness. God is faithful to give us grace. Own your own mistakes and ask the Lord for help in the future. Getting spiritually healthy not only pleases God but has a positive impact on those around us!